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Choreographer: Foyin Adanri

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Hey, my name is Foyin Adanri, I am a finalist student studying Forensic science. I have been dancing since the age of 12. I have learnt multiple dance styles such as Abstract, Contemporary, Street, Hip-hop, African Contemporary, liturgical and Afrobeats.

Foyin performing at an Afrobeats event.

Growing up as a Nigerian, I’ve always been exposed to cultural dancing. Being from the Yoruba tribe and going to hall parties where aunties and uncles would be dancing has influenced the way I move my body and my musicality as they dance on beat to the talking drum which is a popular instrument played in many Nigerian songs.

A childhood photograph of Foyin in Nigeria.

Hip hop and commercial have always been my favourite styles but 2 years ago I started diving more into my culture to familiarise myself with the afrobeats movement by joining an afrobeat team (shoutout to CPAS), this helped me gain my confidence and find a new rhythm to the point where I can keep up and even out dance all my aunties and uncles at the next hall party!

Foyin attending an Afrobeats' class at University.

Foyin performing Afrobeats at an event.

Written by Foyin Adanri.

Foyin & I

I met Foyin through Margaret, I’ve never danced with her before but it can be said that the creation of this project and collaboration was the start of a friendship that will continue even after this project has reached its conclusion. Throughout this process of filming, I was able to relate and resonate with Foyin’s fears and nervousness in choreographing a show dance for the first time, I had gone through the very same process of fear and worries myself two years ago.

(All photographs and videos were from Foyin Adanri).

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